Discover 4DmuViewer and GPure

New versions of 4Dmu Viewer and GPure will be presented to Siggraph Asia 2016 , 6th-8th December 2016 and to it3D Summit at Bordeaux, 14th-15th December. New immersive capabilites with last virtual reality headsets will be demonstrated 

4Dmu Viewer, the new application for collaborative DMU inspection and the new version of GPure has been presented to Laval Virtual, 23th-27th March 2016.

4Dmu Viewer and the new version of GPure have been presented to our internatinal distribution network during July.

GPure adapts the master DMU (Digital mockup), defined in CAD/PLM systems, to create optimized DMUs for each downstream application of product lifecycle.

GPure is designed for companies using very large 3D data models : automotive, aircraft, railway industries, shipbuilding, factory, ... and for internet, tablet PC, and smartphone 3D applications.

Plane Small

Boost your industrial applications with GPure data reduction capabilites :

  • DMU review
  • Large assembly management
  • Intellectual property protection
  • 3D application on smartphone and tablet PC
  • 3D real time simulator
  • Virtual reality application
  • Augmented reality application
  • Training and maintainability application
  • 3D technical documentation and e-catalogue
  • Serious games
  • CAD to CAE link for physical simulation (FEM, CFD, ...)
  • ...

Use reference DMU evreywhere and as often as you need for each product lifecycle step:

  • Important cost saving (weeks of interactive DMU preparation reduced to a few hours of computing)
  • PLM integration
  • Optimal DMU views adapted to each engineering task (data precision vs data volume)
  • DMU processing automation
  • Reproductibility and capitalization of modeling preparation procedures
  • Quality of downstream DMUs generated by GPure


In order to offer GPure capabilities to all company services, several products are available :

  • GPure Processor which is the core kernel to optimize and adapt the Dmu
  • GPure Advanced which brings a 3D Graphical User Interface and scripting capabilies to GPure Processor
  • 4DmuViewer Suite which offers several modes of Dmu exploration (office pc, stereo visualization, immersive, 3D web component, collaborative sessions)
  • 4DmuDispatcher which brings automation capabilities and manage several GPure Processors distributed on the enterprise network

GPure can process DMUs built with major CAD software (CATIA, Pro-Engineer, PTC Creo, SolidWorks, ...) towards major visualization and content editing software (3dsMax, 3dVia and Catia Composer, Maya, Patchwork3D, Nova, Unity, Blender, ...). Standard CAD formats are also available (STEP, JT, Iges).

Other formats are also available to import/export DMU : 3dxml, fbx, obj, collada, vrml, off, stl. These import/export capabilities can be easily extended with GPure scripting language.