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GPure, through a strategic partnership with EPIC Games, is now integrated in DataSmith, the workflow Toolkit for Unreal Engine, for Dmu optimization.

4Dmu Collaborative Viewers and GPure new versions have been demontarted to Laval Virtual 2018, 4th-8th April, Laval, France

4Dmu Viewer and GPure has been presented to Seoul Adex 2017 , 17th-22th October. New immersive capabilites with last virtual reality headsets will be demonstrated.

GPure can process DMUs built with major CAD software (CATIA, Pro-Engineer, PTC Creo, SolidWorks, ...) towards major visualization and content editing software (3dsMax, 3dVia and Catia Composer, Maya, Patchwork3D, Nova, Unity, Blender, ...). Standard CAD formats are also available (STEP, JT, Iges).

Other formats are also available to import/export DMU : 3dxml, fbx, obj, collada, vrml, off, stl. These import/export capabilities can be easily extended with GPure scripting language.

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