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GPure, through a strategic partnership with EPIC Games, is now integrated in DataSmith, the workflow Toolkit for Unreal Engine, for Dmu optimization.

4Dmu Collaborative Viewers and GPure new versions have been demontarted to Laval Virtual 2018, 4th-8th April, Laval, France

4Dmu Viewer and GPure has been presented to Seoul Adex 2017 , 17th-22th October. New immersive capabilites with last virtual reality headsets will be demonstrated.

MiRA is designed to reduce the inspection time of tens of thousands brackets that hold hydraulic pipes and wire bundles in place in the plane, and late discoveries of damaged, wrongly positionned or missing brackets.

MiRA technology (Mixed Augmented Reality) has been developped by Airbus Group Innovation. Mira is now in use on the A320, A380, A350 XWB, A400M production lines in French, German, and Spannish Airbus plants. Inspection time for the 60,000 to 80,000 brackets in the A380 fuselage has dropped from three weeks to just three days.

GPure is used to prepare the Catia digital mockup of plane sections to inspect. This GPure automation process selects and optimises the necessary parts with their context for a given inspection scenario and adapts them by adding SAP metadata used by Mira to assist the operator using its tablet PC in the plane under assembly.

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