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GPure, through a strategic partnership with EPIC Games, is now integrated in DataSmith, the workflow Toolkit for Unreal Engine, for Dmu optimization.

4Dmu Collaborative Viewers and GPure new versions have been demontarted to Laval Virtual 2018, 4th-8th April, Laval, France

4Dmu Viewer and GPure has been presented to Seoul Adex 2017 , 17th-22th October. New immersive capabilites with last virtual reality headsets will be demonstrated.

GPure is a powerful application to prepare 3D DMUs adapted to each downstream application from master DMU. GPure is based on industrial research activities with Airbus Innovation. 

GPure prepares huge DMUs with optimal precision :

  • Very large DMU management (more than one million of parts)
  • Complex geometry model (millions of faces)
  • Processing with respect of
    • Part geometry
    • Engineering data
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GPure enables to heal, defeature and transform 3D model:

  • Automatic repairing tools (bad topology, gap, overlaps, ...)
  • Optimization tools (model reduction, decimation, ...)
  • Powerful decimation preserving sharp edges
  • Normals preservation for optimal rendering
  • Defeaturing capabilities : features recognition and simplification (chanfers, fillets, holes, ...)
  • Shells and pipes idealization
  • Decimation driven by engeeniring data (chord error, texture, material, technical function, ....)

GPure is based on a technology coupling geometrical properties (volume, area, geometrical features, ...) and engineering data :

  • Engineering data definition and management (color, material, texture, technical function, boundary conditions, FEM simulation results, ....)
  • Powerful selection by query on implicit data (volume, area, ...) and explicit data (engineering data)
  • Definition of custom model view, based on engineering data
  • Engineering data associativity with 3D content (semantic)
  • High level criteria filtering based on technical data

GPure enables to sort and reorganize product structure through the combination of different specialized operators:

  • Automatic cleaning of scene tree
  • Interactive reorganization
  • Scene tree transformation driven by engineering data

GPure supports many formats to ensure interoperability between CAD, CAE, content editing, ..., systems. GPure is also used as an exchange processor between these different software. When available, colour is read. For collada, 3dxml fbx, vrml, obj formats, textures and materials are also read. (Asm = Assemblies)

Imported formats  Version Facet Brep Asm

Catia V6 (3dxml)

R2011-2013 x x

Catia V5 (.CATProduct, .CATPart)

R10 to R24 x x
Catia V5 (.CATProduct, cgr) R10 to R24 x x
Catia V4 (.model, .dlv, .exp) All V4.xx x x x
Pro/engineer (.prt, .asm) v13 to Creo 2 x x x
Pro/engineer neutral (.neu) v13 to WF5 x x x
NX(UG) (.prt) v11 to NX9 x x
Solidworks (.sldprt,.sldasm) Up to 2014 x x
I-DEAS (.arc, .unv)  Up to NX6 x x
XT - Format (.x_t)  Up to 20 x
Acis (sat format)  Up to R21 x x
Nastran (.nas) x
ROBCAD (.rf) x x x
CADDS, CAMU (_pd, _ps) 4 & 5 x x
Inventor(ipt/iam) Up to 2014   x  
OpenNurbs Rhino (3dm)

Matra EUCLID 3 (.e3i/Ci) 3.2 x x x
IGES (.igs) 5.2, 5.3 x x
JT (.jt) Up to 10 x x x
STEP (.stp) AP 203/214/242 x x x
VDA (.vda) FS 2.0 x
STL (binary and ascii)  x  
VRML (.wrl) 97, 97zip x x x
3DXml FS 2.0
 Autodesk FBX (.fbx) 2012 x x
Collada (.dae) 1.4 x x
 Object files (.obj) x

Multi-instance parts, textures, materials are also exported for vrml, 3dxml, collada, fbx formats.

Export Version Facet Asm Lod
Collada (.dae) 1.4 x x
VRML (.wrl) 2.0 x x x
3DXml (.3dxml) 4.0 x x x
Autodesk FBX (.fbx) 2012 x x
Object files (.obj) x
Stl (bin and ascii) x
JT  10 x x
I-DEAS (.unv) x
cgr x x

GPure provides optimal scene management

  • Multi-representation management:
    • Creation and management of several level of details (LOD)
    • Association of external representaion to each parts (CAD model, bitmap images, ...) via hyperlinks
  • Instance management : several parts can share a common representation

The GPure advanced scripting environnement (python language) is used to automate GPure processing and to extend GPure capabilities

  • All GPure functions are available for scripting
  • Powerful selection and filtering operators based on geometrical properties and product structure via XML technology
  • Development of reusable high levels functions packages
  • Reuse numerous Python packages to build a customised application
  • Easy development of custom Readers/writers plugins to extend import/export capabilities
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