Discover 4Dmu

New versions of 4Dmu Viewer and 4Dmu GPure will be presented to Laval Virtual, 22th-26th March 2017. Collaborative applications using last virtual reality headsets (Vive, Oculus, ...) will be presented.

4Dmu Viewer and GPure has be presented to Siggraph Asia 2016 , 6th-8th December 2016 and to it3D Summit at Bordeaux, 14th-15th December. New immersive capabilites with last virtual reality headsets have been demonstrated.

Use the experience of 4Dmu experts to define your company workflows and to optimize 4Dmu integration in your company (CAD interoperability, PDM links , CAE links, virtual reality system integration, ...).

4Dmu GPure is already integrated in several commercial application to prepare CAD data.

New 4Dmu custom functions can be also developped to suit your specific needs.


DeltaCAD proposes a training program to optimize GPure using for each company:

  • Beginner training (recommanded also for an evaluation)
  • Expert user training (advanced scripting and automation)
  • Custom training

For registred users, GPure experts quickly provide advices and solutions by phone or E-mail.


With upgrade service, GPure users gain access to the latest GPure validated version in order to benefit of our continuous GPure improvement process.


Do you need GPure only from time to time or do you want to have a first look on GPure performance on your DMU? On demand GPure processing is made for you!

GPure experts can process your DMUs:
  • Quick answer for quotation
  • Data confidentiality
  • Short time delivery
  • Processing DMU's according your needs
  • Feedback in order to evaluate ROI